About Training in Trauma Resolution – Julia Kala Bodkin

Trauma Resolution through Integrated Healing Techniques

» An introduction to SE® as applied to trauma healing (2 days)
» Attachment Issues review (2 days)
» Adult relationship and freeing projection (4 days)
» Healing sensuality / sexuality (4 days)

eventsOverview of Somatic Experiencing® – 2 days

Cutting edge brain and nervous system research has shown how body-oriented psychotherapy has distinct advantages to clearing fear and trauma from the body. Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a body-oriented psychotherapy approach, developed by Dr. Peter A. Levine. He has developed a therapeutic approach that teaches clients how to track sensation in the body to elicit the intrinsic healing capacity that all humans share.

This exciting method effectively enhances support of trauma survivors. It efficiently alleviates devastating symptoms such as dissociation, grief and loss, pain and the overall emotional, cognitive and physical distress so often lodged in body and soul. A method integrating mind and body, the client is taught and guided in gradually reducing the echoes of trauma by consciously listening to the sensations of the body and cycling between locations of distress and locations of comfort.

Examples of the practical applications of the SE® model will be taught through a dynamic interplay of lecture and DVD presentations of actual client sessions.

Attachment Issues review – 2 days

Have you ever wondered why intimacy and relationships seem so difficult that you stay on the sidelines?

Have you ever felt that you may never feel loved or loveable enough?

Do you often feel scared and confused?

Understanding and healing our early attachment styles can help us clear the original imprints that are the foundation of our self-protective ego structure so that we can be more in contact with our intrinsic core intactness.

Family of origin issues become projected onto current adult relationships and reflect early attachment models. Healing childhood wounds is the key for enjoying fulfilling relationships as an adult. Overcome the grip of past trauma to have more fun, connection and healthy intimacy in your relationships now.

Interactive exercises and DVD Demos from actual client sessions will be presented.

Featured DVD – Early infancy trauma resulting in Avoidant attachment. This session demonstrates application of SE® principles/corrective experiences to restore connection and aliveness using resonant relational field to activate healthy bonding matrix in client.

Adult relationship and freeing projection – 4 Days

Details to follow.

Healing sensuality/ sexuality – 4 days

Details to follow.