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Coaching/ Psychotherapy

Counseling/Psychotherapy can bring understanding to how we become ‘stuck’ or ‘lost’ on this journey of life. Therapy works by bringing acceptance and awareness to patterns and hidden agenda’s that are unconsciously running our lives. The more we bring unconscious thoughts, feelings, motives and views to the surface, the less control they have over us and therefore there is less likelihood of being caught up in old patterns that don’t work any more.

Trauma Healing: Somatic Experiencing and EMDR

Traumatic events held in the body are discharged, allowing the body to be regulated and emotional balance to be restored. Both Somatic Experiencing and EMDR are very effective therapies for resolving symptoms of trauma including post-traumatic stress disorder and overcoming extreme life events.

Diamond Logos™ Teachings

This work is often referred to as a ‘Spiritually informed psychology or a psychologically grounded spirituality’. Faisal describes his teachings as a bridge between therapy and meditation – between the personality and the Absolute.

As human beings we have this immediate gateway; you’ve just to articulate exactly the way that you’re exiled, exactly the way that you don’t belong, exactly the way that you can’t love, exactly the way that you can’t move… and you’re on your way again. You’re on your way home. 
If you can just say exactly the way that you’re imprisoned – the door swings open.

David Whyte

Healing and Consciousness Articles


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Somatic Experiencing®

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