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The Hoffman Process Australia

The Hoffman Process is an intensive week long, residential, personal development retreat in a beautiful natural setting. The Hoffman Process is embedded within a 3 month follow-up program, with an optional Advanced Training called “The Retreat”.
The Hoffman Process will dramatically reduce the driving force of your self-defeating behaviours, including anxiety and depression, allowing you to access your previously untapped resources of inner strength, self awareness, personal empowerment, compassion, spirituality and love for self and others.

Pathoflove.netThe Path of Love is a psycho/spiritual journey in which participant’s are guided to focus on their sincere desire to realize their full potential.  – The official site of the Integral Being Institute: Essence and Superego work, Satori, Life-Coaching

Avikal.netAvikal’s site with poetry, articles and personal schedule

Satori-retreat.comThe ultimate Zen retreat to have a direct experience of true nature

International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing