Inge Warmt-Murray
Craniosacral Therapist


Training Includes:
  • Remedial massage therapist training – Germany, in a Rheumatoid Arthritis clinic in 1982.
  • Three year Craniosacral Balancing Training – completed in WA Australia in 1999.
  • Three year SE trauma training – Completed in WA Australia in 2019.


Inge has 40 years experience working as a healer in private practice helping people of all ages.

She is fascinated by the innate intelligence of the body to heal itself when provided with support. She has refined her skills in Craniosacral Balancing and Remedial Massage. She is also trained in healing trauma working with the very effective method of Somatic Experiencing.

Specialising in using touch as a very finely tuned feedback system in order to assist the body and its nervous system to return to equilibrium and supporting the process of healing in a unique way,

Inge has a natural ability for creating a safe container where she can be supportive, kind and warm. She has been a seeker of inner growth for all of her adult life – through her own self healing, parenting and meditation she has a broad capacity to hold her patients in their unique process of healing.